Do you know, that West and South West of Bohemia was liberated by the general Patton´s 3rd US Army in Spring 1945?
To this day, we say THANK YOU BOYS to our liberators of the West Bohemia in the year 1945. Welcome to the INDIANHEAD.CZ website of the period US WWII militaria, memorabilia and souvenirs collector of the US Army in Bohemia 1945, the famous US 2nd Infantry "Indianhead" Division and UNRRA post-war help in Czechoslovakia which is dedicated to the permanent remembrance to the liberators of West Bohemia in the year 1945. I founded my personal web page in 2006 to present my long-standing collection activities focused mainly on the liberation of the West Bohemia by the US Army 1945. Watch posts with hashtag #WestBohemia1945 and on this page you may look into thematic collections by the virtual museum, to get information about the military history club activities or to transact a purchase in the same name internet e-shop. Thank you for your visit, support and sharing!
Are you interest in the period US Army WWII militaria or items reminding of the liberation of the West Bohemia 1945?
INDIANHEAD.CZ e-shop offers you original US militaria, items, reproductions, souvenirs and thematic books depicting the war events and the unforgettable year 1945 in the West and South-West of Bohemia. I founded the e-shop in 2010 first and foremost to support the web page service and to preserve, publish, show on display and to extent the colections of the museum. The e-shop item offer is updated on regular basis and to make the item search easier it is divided into categories  -  Original US (Army WWII) militaria and insignia, items and printed matter, reproductions, souvenirs and books. For further information to your shopping and getting to know the e-shop, click the Terms and Conditions and How to shop link. Enjoy your shopping!
Are you interested in US militaria, memorabilia and souvenirs or UNRRA items being still in existence?
The INDIANHEAD.CZ virtual museum looks into the collection of the period militaria, memorabilia and souvenirs of the US Army in Bohemia in 1945, the famous US 2nd Infantry "Indianhead" Division and UNRRA post-war help in Czechoslovakia. I have been devoted to collecting items related to the liberation of the West Bohemia more than 30 years and you may thanks to the museum see some interesting items or the recent collection acquisition. The Second Infantry Division has grown on me, the same way as on the contemporary witnesses who would never forget the “Indians” as the liberators of the most cities and towns of the West Bohemia. Many exhibits you may also see at the Patton Memorial Pilsen, where I have been looking forward to seeing you since 2005. I still look for similar and interesting souvenirs, militaria and items. I like to help you with the identification or the appraisal of your items. Thank you in advance even for your memorabilia offers!
Do you attend WWII commemorative event and traditional liberation celebration in our country? 
The military history Indianhead Club Pilsen z.s. attends the liberation celebrations and commemorative war events in the Pilsen region and is involved in the creation of the new commemorative sites in the region. The history of Indianhead Club Pilsen registered club goes back to 1999, when the 2nd Infantry Division club was founded and became a part of the Military history Pilsen club then. In 2000 the club attended the Liberation Festival Pilsen in active way and subsequently in 2003 citizen´s association bearing the name 2nd Infantry Division Pilsen club was founded. The name of the club was change to Indianhead Club Pilsen in 2010 and it is a registered club now. Members and friends of the club are engaged in the renovation of the historical vehicles, collections and research activities, 2nd Infantry Division history and US units operating in West and South-West Bohemia in 1945. Looking forward to seeing you at the commemorative events!